Genealogy CDs

These CDs contain fully searchable transcriptions of material collected or created in the course of my own family history research over more than twenty-five years. Unlike most publishers, all content on these CDs has been transcribed and proof-read by hand to reduce the number of typographical errors and legibility problems commonly found when using scanned images in PDF files. Errors in the original works have been kept but annotated with corrections, and many additional annotations containing background information have been added. Placing your mouse over the highlighted text will display any corrections or annotations. Place names have been cross-linked where appropriate to simplify navigation.

The CDs were listed in Your Family Tree issue 100 (March 2011) in their Top 100 Family History Resources, and described as Superb examples of county-based resources.


A list of eBooks for genealogists and science fiction fans.

Free Hampshire resources

Complete transcriptions of the 1831 census enumerator's returns taken on , and annotated as described above for genealogy CDs.