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ADELPHI court, 49 Union street
Affleck place, Marywell st to Affleck st
Affleck street, Crown st to Harbour
Albion court, 18 Castle street
Albion place, West from Alford place
Albion street, from Park st to Links
Alford place, Union place
Anderson's court, 22 Upper Kirkgate
Anderson's court, 46 Gallowgate
Ann st, from Maberley st to Hutcheon st
Annand's court, 27 James street

BACK wynd, from Union st to School hill
Baltic st, from Prince Regent st to Links
Bank of Scotland court, 35 Castle st
Barnett's close, from 44 Guest row to Flourmill street
Beatties' court, 102 Gallowgate
Belmont st. from 134 Union st to 55 School hill
Belmont st. (Little) from 8 Belmont st to 13 Back wynd
Berry lane, from 181 Gallowgate to 65 Loch st
Black Bull close, 4 Huxter row
Blackfriars street, from 16 Woolman hill to St. Andrew's street
Black's buildings, from 37 Woolman hill to Spa st
Blairton lane, from 53 Broad st to Guest rw
Bon Accord square, from Bon Accord st to Bon Accord terrace
Bon Accord st, from Union st
Bon Accord terrace, from Union st
Booth's court, 66 Nether Kirkgate
Booth's court, 2 Castle street
Bothwell's court, 25 Justice st
Bourtie's court, 19 Upper Kirkgate
Brebner's court, 9 Castle st
Brebner's court, 83 Ship row
Brewery lane, Old Aberdeen
Bridewell lane, from Chapel st to Rose st
Broad st. 18 Union st to Gallowgate
Broadford, North-West of George st
Bruce court, 20 Loch street
Burn court, Upper Kirkgate
Burnett's close, 5 Exchequer row
Burr's court, 152 Gallowgate
Bursar's court, 61 Castle st

CAMERON'S court, 30 West North st
Canal lane, Old Aberdeen
Canal lane, from 2 Canal terrace to 1 Summer lane
Canal road, 68 Causeway end
Canal side, near Mounthooly
Canal terrace, from 46 Virginia st to Garvock st
Candle court, 51 Loch street
Carmelite lane, from 9 Fisher row to 4 Trinity st
Carmelite street, from 37 Green to 7 Trinity st
Carnegie's brae, from 51 Nether Kirkgate to Putachie side
Caroline place, Skene square
Castle brae, from Castle st to 26 Virginia st
Castle hill, from Castle brae to Hanover st
Castle st. from Union st to Justice st
Catherine street, from Causeway end to Broadford
Catto's square, Garvock's wynd
Causeway end, from 220 Gallowgate to Gowan brae
Chanonry, Old Aberdeen
Chanonry street, Old Aberdeen
Chapel court, 59 Gallowgate
Chapel court, 2 Justice street
Chapel lane, from 3 Weighhouse square to 3 Shore brae
Chapel street, from Union place to Skene st
Chaplainry, Old Aberdeen
Charles court, 30 Upper Kirkgate
Charles st. from Broadford to Causeway end
Charlotte street, from St. Andrew's street to John street
Cheyne's court, 69 Broad st
Chronicle court, 32 Broad st to 10 Queen st
Chronicle lane, from West North street to Meal market lane
Church st. from Lime quay to St. Clement street
Clarence st. from Cooperston buildings to Friendship farm
Clark's court, 2 Upper Kirkgate
Clark's lane, Old Aberdeen
Clune's court, 5 George street
Clune's lane, Old Aberdeen
College bounds, Old Aberdeen
College court, 82 Broad street
College lane, 3 College street
College st. from Windmill brae to Clay hills
Collie's court, 26 Ship row
Commerce st. from 50 Quay st to Park la
Commercial Bank court, 35 Castle st
Commercial buildings, 119 Union st
Commercial court, 58 Castle st
Commercial road, from Wellington street to York street
Concert court, 10 Broad street
Constitution st. from Park st to Links
Cooper's court, 24 Nether Kirkgate
Cooperston buildings, from the end of Holburn street
Copper Company's court, 12 Gallowgate
Correction wynd, from 38 Green to 25 St. Nicholas street
Courage's court, Weighhouse square
Coutt's court, 63 Nether Kirkgate
Cowgate, from Justice st to Park lane
Craibstone st East, from Bon Accord st to Bon Accord square
Craibstone st West, from Bon Accord terr. to Bon Accord square
Craigwell place, from Skene st to Denburn terr
Crombie's court, Park st
Crown court, 43 Union street
Crown court, 36 Upper Kirkgate
Crown street, 175 Union st
Crown st South, Affleck st to Dee village
Cruden's court, 22 Broad st
Cruickshank's court, 8 School hill
Cruickshank's (C) court, 8 Ship row
Cruickshank's (Leslie) court, 91 Broad st

DANIEL'S court, 48 Castle st
Davidson's court, 111 Gallowgate
Dee place, Dee street
Dee street (Lower) Poyner nook
Dee st (Upper) from Union st to Marywell st
Denburn, from Poyner nook to Spa st
Denburn terrace, from Union st bridge to Skene terrace
Denburn (Upper), Gilcomston
Diamond lane, Silver street
Diamond st. from Union st to Silver st
Dingwall's court, 86 Gallowgate
Don street, Old Aberdeen
Donald's close, 14 School hill
Donald's court, 18 School hill
Donald's court, 12 Loch street
Downie's court, 65 Broad st
Drum's lane, 28 Upper Kirkgate
Duncan's court, 45 Castle st
Duncan's court, 74 Gallowgate
Duncan's (D) court, 120 Gallowgate
Duthie's court, 45 Guest row
Dyer's court, Upper Denburn

EAST Craibstone st, Bon Accord st
East North st. from 24 King st to Park st
Emslie's court, 81 George st
Emslie's court, 26 Gallowgate
Ewen's court, 42 Gallowgate
Exchange court, 35 Union street
Exchequer ct. 9 Exchequer row
Exchequer row, from 62 Castle st to Ship row

FARMER'S hall, Gilcomston
Farrier's lane, 8 West North st to Meal market lane
Farquhar's court, 14 Upper Kirkgate
Farquharson's court, 10 School hill
Ferguson's court, 30 Gallowgate
Ferguson's court, 5 Putachie side
Ferguson's (J) court, 108 Gallowgate
Ferryhill buildings, nr Devanha brewery
Fish market, 88 Ship row
Fish street, from Summer la to Albion st
Fisher rw, from 1 Maltmill bridge to Green
Fishwell lane, Old Aberdeen
Flesh market, Wales street
Flesh market, 120 George street
Flourmill lane, from 50 Nether Kirkgate to 6 Flourmill street
Flourmill street, from 44 St. Nicholas street to Barnett's close
Foot Dee, from Canal basin to New Pier
Forbes' court, 78 Green
Forbes' street, Skene square
Fowler's wynd, Fisher's row
Frederick st, from 44 King st to Park st
Froghall lane, Old Aberdeen

GADDES court, 12 Prince Regent st
Gaelic la. from Belmont st to back wynd
Galen's court, 18 Guest row
Gallowgate, from 89 Broad st to Causeway end
Gardner's lane, from 17 Justice st to East North st
Garrow's court, 8 Trinity street
Garvock st. from Canal basin to Garvock's wynd
Garvock's wynd, from Garvock st to Links
Gas street, from Trinity st to Poyner nook
George street, from 61 St. Nicholas st to Broadford
George street market, 120 George st and John st
Gerard st, from 203 Gallowgate to Broadfrd
Gibb's court, 91 Ship row
Gilcomston, from Woolman hill and Spa st to Short loans
Gilcomston steps, from Spa st, to Skene square
Golden square, from Union st to Silver st
Gordon street, from Windmill brae
Gordon's court, 39 West North st
Gordon's court, 4 School hill
Gordon's court, 23 Virginia street
Gordon's court, 86 Broad street
Gordon's court, Queen street
Gordon's (H) court, 14 Gallowgate
Gordon's houses, Mill street
Green, from Windmill brae to Putachie side
Guest row, from Nether Kirkgate to 15 Upper Kirkgate

HANOVER st, from Castle hill to Albion st
Hardgate, from Newbridge to Mile end
Harper's court, 63 West North st
Harriot st. from 32 School hill to Loch st
Hart's close, 93 Ship row
Harvey's court, 90 Gallowgate
Henderson's court, 91 Gallowgate
Henderson's court, 129 Gallowgate
Henderson's court, 46 Broad street
Henderson's (A) ct. 123 Gallowgate
Henderson's (W) ct, 161 Gallowgate
High street, Old Aberdeen
Holburn st. from South bridge to Mile end
Huntley st. from Union st to Summer st
Hutcheon's ct. 4 Ship row
Hutcheon st. from Causeway end to Skene square
Huxter row, from Broad st to 1 Castle st

INNES street, from 153 Gallowgate to 61 Loch street

JACK'S brae, Gilcomston
James st. from Regent quay to Virginia st
Jamieson's court, 5 Upper Kirkgate
Jamieson's court, 40 Ship row
John st. from 133 George st to Woolman hill
Jopp's court, 34 Gallowgate
Jopp's ct. 40 Broad st & 11 Queen street
Jopp's lane, from 39 St. Andrew's street to John street
Justice lane, from 7 Justice street to East North street
Justice st. from Castle st to Park st

KIDD lane, from Chapel st to Summer st
Kilgour's court, 46 Nether Kirkgate
King st, from 9 Castle st to Love lane
King street rd, from King st to Seaton rd
Kingsland place, Hutcheon street
Knox's court, 7 Wales street

LAMOND'S court, 49 Upper Kirkgate
Ligertwood's court, 73 George street
Lindsey st. from Golden sq to Diamond st
Links, Foot Dee
Links st. from St. Clement's st to Links
Little Belmont st. Belmont st. Back wynd
Little Chapel st. from Chapel st to Summer street
Little John street, from 20 Gallowgate to West North st
Lobban's court, 30 Castle street
Loch st. from 15 Harriot st to Spring gardn
Lodge walk, from 5 Castle st to 48 Queen st
Long Acre, from 56 Broad st to North st
Love lane, from Spital to Links
Lower Dee street, Poyner nook

M'COMBIE'S court, from 50 Union st to Nether Kirkgate
M'Cook's court, 116 Gallowgate
M'Gregor's court, 99 Gallowgate
Maberley street, Skene square
Machray's court, 57 George street
Machray's court, 15 Bon Accord street
Mackay's court, 80 Gallowgate
Mackenzie's court, 42 George street
Mackie place, Top of Skene street
M'Lean's court, 50 Gallowgate
Maitland's court, 42 Nether Kirkgate
Maltmill bridge, from 1 Putachie side to 1 Fisher row
Marischal st. from 52 Castle st to Quay
Market lane, Old Aberdeen
Martin's lane, from 41 Green to 7 Renny's wynd
Marywell st. End of Upper Dee st
Matheson's court, 15 Castle street
Meal market, Meal market lane
Meal market lane, from 123 King street to 40 North street
Mearn's court, 53 Ship row
Messon's court, 32 Justice street
Meter's court, 11 Chapel lane
Middlethird, from Waterloo quay to St. Clement's street
Mill st. from Summer lane, near Banner mills
Milner's court, 21 Guest row
Milne's court, 38 Castle street
Milne's court, 27 Gallowgate
Milne's (Bailie) court, 65 Gallowgate
Milne's (Robert) court, 143 Gallowgate
Milne's (W.) court, 60 Gallowgate
Mitchell's court, 60 West North street
Moir's court, 103 Gallowgate
Morrison's court, 2 Fisher row
Mounthooly, from 219 Gallowgate to Canal side
Mutton brae, from Woolman hill to Denburn

NATIONAL Bank court, 42 Castle street
Nelson st. from King st to Gallowgate
Nether Kirkgate, from 15 Broad street to 18 St. Nicholas street
New street, Old Aberdeen
Niven's court, 29 Guest row
North lane, Old Aberdeen
North street, from East North street to 212 Gallowgate

OGSTON court, 84 Broad street
Old Lime quay, from Waterloo quay to Commerce street
Oliver's court, 14 Upper Kirkgate
Orchard lane, Old Aberdeen

PAINTER'S court, 22 Upper Kirkgate
Park la. from 16 Park st to Commerce st
Park street, from 55 Justice st to Canal
Peacock's close, 24 Castle street
Pensioner's court, 18 Justice st
Philip's court, 147 Gallowgate
Pirie's court, 50 Castle street
Pirie's court, 30 Ship row
Plasterer's court, 70 Gallowgate
Poors' Hospital court, 56 Gallowgate
Pork lane, from 35 Quay to Virginia st
Porter's court, 8 Weigh-house square
Porthill, from Gallowgate to West North st
Porthill close, 98 Gallowgate
Poultry market, from 61 Queen street to King street
Poyner nook, Foot of Denburn
Prince Regent street, from Canal terrace to Baltic street
Princes street, from 51 King st to Park st
Putachie side, from Carnegie's brae to 12 Trinity corner

QUAKER'S court, 49 Guest row
Quay, from 6 Shore brae to Lime shore
Queen street, from 34 Broad street to 1 North street

RAGG'S lane, from 36 Broad street to 26 Guest row
Ramage's court, 83 Broad street
Ramsay's court, 57 Guest row
Record Office, King street
Redlion court, 77 Broad street
Reform st. from Park st to Constitution st
Reid's court, 54 Gallowgate
Reid's court, 6 Ship row
Renny's wynd, from 81 Green to Trinity st
Rettie's court, 51 West North street
Rettie's court, 26 Broad street
Rhind's court, 64 Gallowgate
Riddel's court, 40 Windmill brae
Roper's court, 107 Gallowgate
Rose street, from Union pl to Bridewell
Rosemount terrace, Gilcomston
Ross's court, 11 Trinity corner
Ross's court, 22 School hill
Ross's court, Upper Kirkgate

ST. ANDREW'S street, from 51 Loch st to 63 Woolman hill
St. Catherine's court, 14 Ship row
St. Catherine's wynd, from 30 Union st to Nether Kirkgate
St. Clement's street, from 8 Garvock street to Wellington street
St. James's lodge, Mutton brae
St. Nicholas lane, from 3 St. Nicholas st to 11 Correction wynd
St. Nicholas st. from 72 Union st to George street
Salter's court, 39 Loch street
School hill, from 53 St. Nicholas street to Woolman hill
Scott's court, 25 Upper quay
Seaton gate, Old Aberdeen
Seaton street, Old Aberdeen
Shewan's court, 119 Gallowgate
Ship row, from 23 Union street to 1 Trinity corner
Shipmaster's Hall & Court, 97 Ship row
Shoe lane, from 7 North st to 43 Queen st
Shore brae, from 67 Ship row to Quay
Shore lane, from 15 Quay to Virginia st
Short-loanings, Gilcomston
Shuttle lane, from 3 East North street to 31 Park street
Shuttle street, from St. Andrew's street to John street
Silver street, from Golden square to Skene terrace
Silver street South, from Union street to Golden square
Simpson's court, 139 Gallowgate
Sims' court, 88 Ship row
Sims' square, from Blackfriars street to John st
Sinclair's close, 20 Justice street
Skene place and row, Skene street
Skene square, from Steps of Gilcomston to Hutcheon street
Skene st. from Denburn to Cherry vale
Skene terr. from Skene st to Summer st
Smith's court, 16 Nether Kirkgate
Smith's court, 21 Castle st
Smith's court, 49 Gallowgate
Smith's (J.) court, 113 Gallowgate
South bridge, Holburn
Spa st. from Denburn to Steps of Gilcomston
Spence court, 106 John st
Spital, from Mounthooly to Old Aberdeen
Spital street, St. Andrew st
Spring bank, Dee street
Spring garden, from George st to Windy wynd
Steps of Gilcomston, Gilcomston
Still's court, 88 Ship row
Stronach's close, 1 Exchequer row
Sugarhouse lane, from 47 Quay to Virginia st
Summer lane, from Garvock's wynd to Fish street
Summer st. from Union place, to Skene street
Sutherland's court, 17 James st
Sutherland's court, 126 Gallowgate
Sutherland's court, 76 Ship row

THEATRE lane, from 14 Quay to 6 Virginia street
Thistle st. from Rose st to Rubislaw road
Thompson's court, 55 West North st
Thomson's court, 61 Broad st
Thomson's court, 21 Upper quay
Thornton's court, 23 Guest row
Thornton's place, 2 Guest row
Trinity corner, from 102 Ship row to 2 Putachie side
Trinity lane, from 5 Trinity corner to 2 Trinity st
Trinity st. from Denburn to 3 Trinity lane
Tytler's court, 76 Green

UNION bldgs. from Castle st to Ship row
Union glen, Holburn st
Union lane, from 24 Union st to 1 Nether Kirkgate
Union place, from Union st to South bridge
Union row, from Union st to Summer st
Union st. from Castle st to Union place
Union terr. from Union bridge to Skene terr
Union wynd, Union row
Upper Dee st. Union st to Marywell st
Upper Denburn, Gilcomston
Upper Kirkgate, from 87 Broad street to 54 St. Nicholas street

VENNEL, from 39 Gallowgate to 40 Loch street
Virginia street, from Commerce street to Weighhouse square

WALES st. from 28 Park st to the Canal
Wales street (Little) from 19 Wales st to Hanover street
Wales st market, Wales street
Walker's court, 17 Virginia st
Walker's court, 49 Guest row
Walker's court, 13 College st
Walker's court, Ship row
Water lane, from 39 Quay to 36 Virginia st
Waterloo quay, from Lime quay to Building yards
Watson's court, 45 North st
Watt's court, 28 Virginia st
Webster's court, 23 Guest row
Webster's court, 10 East North st
Webster's court, 72 Ship row
Weighhouse square, 14 Quay
Well court, 14 Broad street
Well of Spa, Denburn
Wellington place, from Union place to South bridge
Wellington street, from St. Clements st to Links
West court, 32 Guest row
West Craibstone st, Bon Accord terrace
West North st. from King st to Mounthooly
Whitehouse st. from Chapel st to Skene st
Windmill brae, from 89 Green to Hardgate
Windy wynd, from 193 Gallowgate to Spring garden
Woolman hill, from School hill to Steps of Gilcomston

YEATS' court, 30 Nether Kirkgate
Yeats' lane, from 7 Canal terrace to 5 Summer lane
York place, from Waterloo quay to York st
Young st. from 167 Gallowgate to Loch st